Sawston Fun Run

Sawston 10th anniversary Fun Run

One of my last events with EAST was the Sawston Fun Run.

A popular event, even today, the Sawston Fun Run has been going since 1986. 

In 1996, we successfully applied to be a beneficiary.  By this time EAST had secured some large grants and donations. As a result we were in a position to start working in partnership with Hereward Housing and five local councils.  We had managed to secure a building for our project, Stretham Old Rectory.  Once renovated and renamed as Juniper House, we now needed funding to furnish it.

The Fun Run proved more beneficial than we could have hoped.

One of our tasks for the Fun Run was to secure prizes for the raffle.  At the time, Owen suggested I didn’t need to give much of my time and effort to this. The money was to be split between numerous charities, and he felt we probably won’t get much. 

The other charities (Compass Trust – Tea Room Project, Sawston Fire Service Benevolent Fund, British Red Cross and Magpas) were all local or better-known than ours.

In a rare moment of obstinacy, I ignored Owen!

Running the Sawston Fun Run
Running the Sawston Fun Run

I spent a day walking the length and breadth of Sawston High Street.  I begged for and secured prizes from practically every business I could find.  

Meanwhile, Owen asked local celebrity (and friend), Helen McDermott from Anglia TV, to start the race.  Bless her, she even took part. 

Many members of EAST and their families also entered the 5 mile race. There were kids with autism walking, jogging or being wheeled round the course in pushchairs.  Mums, dads, brothers, sisters, even nans and grandads.  Families of autism were doing something for themselves. And people could see who was benefiting from the money raised.

An unexpected surprise, all those who took part received dedicated EAST medals:

Sawston Fun Run medal (Front)
Sawston Fun Run medal (Front)
Sawston Fun Run medal (Back)
Sawston Fun Run medal (Back)

£15,500 was raised that year.  The race coordinator, Gerry Holloway, said that no-one before us had ever secured that many prizes.  As a result, we were delighted to receive the lion’s share £12,000.  This was enough to fully furnish a room in Juniper House.

You can read more about this event on Owen’s website.

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