Down Memory Lane

This article appeared in the Ely Ensign in September 2003 on page 12.

The veteran American servicemen, who were based at Glatton airfield during the Second World War, have collected hundreds of photographs of their time there.

The pictures portray the harsh and dangerous conditions they lived under on the base. But some scenes also reflect their affection for the church of All Saints.

Conington, which for them was a reminder of their religious faith in those troubled times, and a symbol of safety to pilots returning from their dangerous missions.

These pictures, now a piece of English social history, may still job the memoirs of people who lived in this area in the mid forties.

Members of the 457th Bomb Group Association have kindly allowed Ely Ensign to print some of these outstanding photographs and we hope that our readers may care to share their stories of this unique time in our history.

The American veterans are planning their next reunion in England in summer 2004, marking the sixtieth anniversary of their days as fighter pilots based in Cambridgeshire.

If you have any interesting experiences or anecdotes you would like to share with them before you make their return visit here, please let us know and we ill forward them on.

We hope you stories will continue to nurture the understanding and friendship forged between those communities who worked site by side sixty years ago.

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