Women in IT

In 2018, the Cambridge Centre for Computing History invited women in IT to write about their journey into the profession. This was for the Women in Computing 2018: Her Story Festival. The festival ran from 24 September to 14 October.

It included, among other things, a main exhibition, a panel debate, a film screening, workshops, two school days.

The theme “Her Story” was to celebrate the women who work or have worked in technology through the stories that they can tell.

The museum captured these stories and displayed written documents, video clips, audio recordings, photographs and objects of interest. These included hardware, software, tech equipment, books and manuals.

Submitted stories included excerpts of particular interest. And items from specific projects or that inspired women to enter the field of technology.

I put together the following articles. In the end, I submitted Falling into IT.

I had expected they would only take exerts. And indeed, a few quotes were used for the museum display.

But in fact, a book was published with the full article. (I’ve included headings below to break up the prose).

I hope you find these articles of interest.

Foot note: IT Management

Since writing these articles, I have now started a job as a Front Line IT Services Manager at the University of Cambridge. I never saw myself as management. Which is strange as I was the Fundraising coordinator at CamSAR for five years. But as it was voluntary, it never felt like management. But looking back, all the skills I learned doing that role, I am able to employ in the new job.

I am proud of the diverse mix of my team. In age, ethnicity and gender. And I encourage them every day to take opportunities that cross their path.

I also encourage them to ask questions, lots of them. Even silly ones – they are my favourite! We are building trust as a team. And this builds trust with our clients.

I try hard to foster inclusivity. I accept I may not always get it right. But I hope I’ve encouraged a culture where they can feedback both positive and negative experiences.

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