Menopause – Further Reading

In this page you will find articles and videos about menopause and people’s experiences. You will also find advise on diet and sleep.
Sadly, we are all different so what works for one, may not work for another.

But I hope these articles will help bring comfort. It may seem an isolating time of life, but you are not alone.

Menopause – the change nobody talks about.

20 August 2020

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From September 2020, menopause was added to the school curriculum in England, a move that has been welcomed by campaigners.

Now that the menopause is finally being talk taught in schools, this BBC Video gives voice to the myriad of menopause symptoms, by those how have experienced them.

Three women, who have been through the menopause, describe their experiences and talk about how poorly understood “the change” is.

Ignorance about menopause is destroying lives – and its not only women who suffer

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This article is by Diane Danzebrink. Founder of The Menopause Support network.

She explains her own struggles with menopause and highlights to woeful lack of support from GPs and workplaces. This led her to launch the #Menopause Matters campaign.

The highest rate of suicide among women in the UK is between the ages of 45 and 49, when most women will be experiencing perimenopause. This could be the ultimate hidden cost, and it matters.

‘It feels impossible to beat’: how I was floored by menopause

16 August 2018

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Journalist and author, Rose George, writes for The Guardian newspaper.

In this article she details her debilitating experiences of menopause.

You will find more articles on menopause on her blog.

What to eat to sleep better during menopause

25 March 2019

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Digestion and blood sugar play a big part in regulating hormones.

In this article, Eileen Durward, Menopause Advisor, talks about 5 evening snacks that help improve her sleep.

Better sleep during perimenopause and menopause

11 October 2019

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This webpage looks at sleep problems during menopause. Among other things, It focuses on Magnesium Glycinate, something I have found to be a huge benefit to my sleeping problems.

You can download the podcast or view the full transcript on the webpage.

“I would call magnesium about as close as you can get to just an all around get healthy, get sleeping, type of a supplement”

Tips for menopause and late night snack attacks

22 November 2015

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More information on diet and sleeping.

This includes a basic recipe for a late night snakc of cucumber, avocado and tomatoes.

12 Natural ways to balance your hormones

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A change in diet has definitely been the way forward for me. But this site looks at all manner of changes.

The trick is not to change everything at once. Pick one change and stick to it for a fortnight, or even a month. Once its imbedded as your new normal, try the next change. Not all the ideas on this sitework for me. But some that do:

  • Engage in regular exercise
    Aids digestion as well as releasing happy endorphins)
  • Avoid sugar and refined carbs
    This has made the most significance. Especially to hot flushes and weight loss
  • Consume healthy fats
    I cook with coconut oil. I eat avocados daily. And eggs are back on the menu. Hurrah!. And I snack on Brazil and Pecan nuts
  • Avoid over and under eating
    My hot flushes happen about 30 minutes before I get a hunger pang. So grazing on nuts not only stops me feeling hungry but stops the flushes.
    Now I’m eating the right foods, I find I eat less too. We have been in lockdown for a year as I write this, and my weight has not increased despite working from home and having less exercise from not walking around our work buildings
  • Get consistent, high quality sleep
    Easier said than done. But I sleep better on days that I have high doses of Vit B12, and magnesium glycinate has been a game changer too.

What I Tell My Patients Who Want To Lose Weight: A Hormone Expert Explain

woman outside cafe
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In this piece, Dr. Sara Gottfried, hormone expert and Harvard-trained MD, explains how hormonal imbalances can hold you back from weight loss

Perimenopause: ‘Little by little we’re breaking down taboos’

Perimenopause: ‘I went from triathlon training to needing naps’

Menopause added to school curriculum for the first time

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