Ely Ensign

Ely Ensign front covers

I assisted Owen with the editing of the diocesan magazine, Ely Ensign, from about March 2003,

At the time, I was supporting his youngest son with his GCSE’s, so was a regular visitor to the Spencer-Thomas home.

Occasionally, after I had finished work with his son, Owen asked me to proofread one or two of the articles he was putting together for the magazine.

Gradually, as his son needed me less, Owen drafted me in on a more regular basis to help co-edit the magazine. It was a wonderful experience. As you can see from the selection below, there were some fascinating stories to be read.

Given my interest in the two World Wards, there were a series of articles, featuring Conington church, which I found of particular interest:

And two articles about the bombing of St Paul’s Church on Hills Road, Cambridge in 1941:

You can find further Ely Ensign articles on Owen’s personal website, Say IT Straight, including:

Ely Ensign front covers
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