Fiesty Four

I have attended sessions with Nikki Williams (Happy Hormones for Life), read information from Maryon Steward, received diet sheets from a food specialist, and now taken advise from a Health Advisor friend.

I am pleased to say that they are all pretty much singing from the same hymn sheet, even if they come from different directions.

(Interestingly, following migraines triggered by the AZ covid jabs, I have another source of recommendations. I joined a Facebook group, and they too are advocating the same supplements and diet changes as listed here for menopause. And again, I can confirm that it works).

So, we need to balance our “Fiesty Four” hormones

  • Cortisol – The stress hormone
  • Thyroid – If you think about the thyroid, it’s like your internal thermometer
  • Insulin – Your blood sugar regulator, produced by the pancreas
  • Oestrogen – Oestrogen gives us our sex drive, allows us to have babies and much more!*

The menopause symptoms you are experience are probably because these four are out of whack. And with a few supplements and some dietary changes, they can all be back on track without the need for HRT.

(If you can tolerate HRT, please continue to use it. I can’t. Its the ONLY reason I’ve gone the natural route. Believe me if HRT worked, I’d be saving a fortune each month!).

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