German raid on Hills Road

24 Feb 1941

Articles Broken but restored and A wartime memory tell of the bombing raid on Hills Road, Cambridge in 1941.

I found this from the Our Lady and the English Martyrs (Catholic Church) website.

Taken from Our lady and the English Martyrs website

“The most serious raid was on 24th February (Shrove Tuesday) 1941 when German bombers flew in very low and made a concentrated attack on the section of Hills Road between the church and the war memorial.

Ten were left dead, mainly at The Globe and Bull’s Dairy.

An important consignment of tanks was being unloaded that night at the station and the precision of the attack has fuelled rumours ever since that the Germans had intelligence, possibly from the agent Jan Ter Braak who was known to have been operating in Cambridge at the time.

At 11pm a 50kg high explosive bomb exploded on the roof of the sacristy; it blew a six foot hole in the roof and a similar sized hole in the wall of the Sacred Heart Chapel. All the windows of the apse were blown out and most other windows in the church damaged.”

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