Perfect purchases

I thought I would share some of the purchases I have made that have made my life easier living with the various conditions or just more fun.



Finding socks that look good, feel warm and fit my wider ankles has proven harder in later years. But the Gentlegrip range are great. TKMaxx are good resellers. As are the Boot sock, no elastic range from Ebay.


I’ve started to find shoes harder to find. The Cozyfeet website, however, has been a real find. Its not cheap but the lipodema diagnosis does mean I get the footwear VAT free. I’ve yet to have to prove my diagnosis, just select it on the order request.

The Megan boots are wonderful for all round footwear. I bought the blue ones originally, but the new floral version are quite attractive. And if you care for the boots by cleaning regularly, they really do keep well. I went to Timpson’s for advise and the cleaning gear. (Foam wash, brush and cloth)

For proper walking boots, the Moose high performance range have been wonderful. Very supportive on the ankle. I got the full leather pair and after 3 years of weekly walking, I can see that the sole is starting to crack on the inside so a new pair may be required soon. Given how well the nubuck on the Megan have faired, I may go for a nubuck Moose next time.


I had back surgery in 2008. Post surgery, I was getting back ache and my surgeon recommended First Podiatry for some orthotics. I am supposed to replace them every two years, but its realistically every five. Without them, or as they start to wear, my back really does niggle. But with them, I am pain free.



I created a vitamins and Pills and potions page, detailing what I use to help me with my menopause.

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