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Before you carry out any of the recommendations below, it is a good idea to get blood tests carried out for Vitamins and minerals. Particularly Vitamin D and B12.

You will probably get told you are “normal”. Unless you had these tests taken before in your life, how will you know what is normal for you? Besides, we actually want optimal. And most people in this country are deficient in Vitamin D and B12.

I warn you, what follows is not cheap. Your supplements need to be good quality, particularly the Vitamin D. Much of the solid pills are ground down and contain additives. You want the pure stuff. And that’s why it gets expensive.

(You will find a handy list of all the pills and potions, but below explains why you need it.

  1. Introduction
  2. Vitamin D protocol
  3. Garlic tablets.
  4. Vitamin B12
  5. Electrolytes

Vitamin D protocol

First, I was put on the Vitamin D protocol.

Most of us are deficient in Vitamin D. And increasing this will help alleviate most of your aches and pains. And it was helpful for reducing my blood pressure.

It is important that you take Vitamin D , Vitamin K, and Magnesium malate (morning) together.

The Vit K transports the vitamin D to the right place. The Magnesium locks it in place. If you don’t take them together, then you can get nasty D deposits in the body. Bad!

(Be careful with the Malate. It can cause a loose stomach. I can only tolerate a smidgeon in my morning smoothie)

At night, I take Magnesium Glycinate. Again start with 1 tablet a night, and work up to max 5. I can only tolerate 3 before it upsets my stomach. But the Glycinate helps with sleep.

I encourage you to read the Vitamin D protocol website before you head down this route.

Garlic tablets.

This was the wonder drug for my blood pressure. I came off it for a while and my BP snuck back up again. I’ve been taking it for a month again, and my BP has started to decrease slowly.

You need the oderless ones.

Vitamin B12

Again, most people are deficient in this. And it is so crucial to good health. Vitamin B12 is the unsung hero of so many ailments. From chronic fatigue, to nerve damage to depression, this little vitamin can have you bouncing back in no time.

I had been taking regular doses for a while and felt wonderful, so I started to reduce my dosage, as recommended by my friend. But I felt so good, I forgot to take it altogether. It wasn’t long before before both my energy levels and my mood started to plummet. Back on the Vit B12 and within a week, back to normal.

For this you can get vitamin B12 lozenges. Put them under the tongue and see how long you can keep it there before it dissolves.

You may prefer to start with a spray from Amazon.


I have never been great at keeping up my fluid intake. I used to joke I was like a Camel. “Retained water and got the hump a lot!” But as a menopausal woman, my body has gone into dehydration overdrive. Keeping hydrated is a nightmare. I would love a saline drip at bedtime.

I notice also that I drink less at weekends than weekdays. Too busy for drinking water. But I also realise weekends is when I struggle most with low mood. Lack of structure and water = low mood. And water also helps with chronic fatigue.

Electrolytes help enormously. This one is the Berry flavour. There is also lemonade and orange flavours. I prefer the seltzer and add my own flavouring.

I take 1 scoop of Seeking Health Electrolyte power in a glass of water in the morning. On my chronic fatigue days, I take another at lunchtime.

Be careful not to take too take more than this. Too much potassium is bad.

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